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For over 34 years Head West Inc. has produced Home Accents and Accessories made of screen printed mirror, wood, canvas & metal. Mirrors, Lights, Wall Decor, Medicine Cabinets & Wood Signs are made in our state of the art, Los Angeles based manufacturing facility.

About Us

Head West Inc. has been making mirror, wood, canvas, plastic, and metal products in the USA for more than 34 years and currently occupies a 175.000 sq. ft. factory in the Los Angeles area. Over the years we have also established relationships with Chinese manufacturers, which have allowed us to offer the consumer a mixture of American manufactured goods supplemented with products made overseas, all at affordable prices.

Style and economy define the Head West collections. It has kept us going while others have fallen by the wayside. In our current economy in which every penny counts, offering affordable one-of-a-kind mirrors, medicine cabinets, wall sconce lights, and canvas/wood wall art became priority #1 for the talented staff of designers and fabricators at Head West.

Our mission is simple: to manufacture high quality Home Accents and Accessories, which add warmth, value, charm, and charisma to any room in your house or office.

Our mirrors often create focal points in a room that bring people together. The same can be said for our wall sconce lights, considered works of art that convey a touch of Zen to any habitat. Both items are visual rallying points you can use to help define and characterize your living spaces.

Our wide selection of powder coated metal and injected plastic medicine cabinets offer various retro and modern mirror designs on the doors. They are easy to install and very durable.

Our expertise in making beer signage has inspired the creation of a line of trendy surfboard signs, street art graphics, and attractive wall art; made of wood, canvas, metal, or any combination of the three. Our in house designers bring elaborate collections to our wall decor line that is unique in the home decor industry.

Harnessing the power of reflection, graphics, and illumination to make an impeccable impression was never easier!

Head West Goes Green

Over the years, we have decreased our carbon footprint fivefold. Clean UV inks, low VOC paints, and low NOx burners are part of our overall plan to minimize any harm to the environment. Our solvents are burned efficiently in a thermal oxidizer before discharge.

Our water is processed so that it leaves cleaner and with less solids than when it arrived. We have recently received recognition from the Sanitation Districts of Los Angeles for our many consecutive, violation-free years.

We recycle our cardboard, glass, metal banding and sawdust, and discourage the use of foam blocking in packaging. We recycle our pallets when permitted.

We make all attempts to operate a paperless office and try to lessen our electricity consumption at high demand periods. We also just finished retrofitting the entire factory with low energy T-5 lighting, resulting in a drop of electricity consumption of 15%.

It’s all a part of keeping America Green.

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